Arkham Inmates Podcast

Welcome to Arkham Asylum where the criminally insane come to be rehabilitated.
Welcome to the insanity and the twisted world of the scum of Gotham.
Come to our playground and be our guest…if you dare.


When you’re thrown in Arkham

“Arkham is home to the greatest psychopathic and unique minds. The ones that are worth studying and dissecting. Come as we dive into the rabbit hole and fall in wonderland…” — Arielle

You’re A Vampire And Baby I’m The Walking Dead

Everyone bleeds, patients, victims, doctors, security, you and me. But who decides who gets to be vampires and the walking dead? The Batman or those in the cells of an asylum once mansion to a mad man?

Arkham Is For The Criminally Insane

The building might seem like a once mansion someone or a family inhabited. It was until it went under renovations to the hands of a mad psychiatrist who turned into a victim of his own doing.

The Inmates’ Podcast!

The Inmates’ Podcast is about the psychological profiles of those living in the psychatric asylum and all of its dirty secrets. Who knows, maybe a review or two and some guests will stop by!

Arielle Belle Lyon

We Have All The News
From Gotham To Central City!

Finding yourself again after a portion of your life is taken is one of the hardest things to do.
Accepting that you have changed is the first step toward anyone’s dream.

The Gotham Times

Gotham has a history that goes back centuries and therefore, is home to a variety of people that is now often in danger at the mercy of monsters and protected by a Dark Knight.

Daily Planet

Belonging to Wayne Publishing, the Daily Planet is back in business with a brave journalist, Clark Kent, and a stubborn leader who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, Lois Lane.

Central City Citizen

The West Coast metropolis of Central City is developing at the speed of Flash! New tech means a new level of people, humans or meta, good and bad, this blog is sure to keep your attention.

Arkham Inmates Podcast

We’re More Than Just Insane

The Arkham Inmates Podcast doesn’t just revolve around Gotham’s twisted mind,
but all of those sent to it for rehabilitation, one that never comes.
At the mercy of those walking within the walls,
No one is safe, neither patients nor doctors.

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